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    Friday, March 5th, 1920

    I slept until noon today at home. Then I went to the street. Friends' dental health officer with Şevki Cafer Bey, Omar had come to visit. I told the faculty that we take. Went there.

    Saturday, March 6th, 1920

    I went to lunch on the faculty. Omar went to the right of the room. Lay exhausted. I took his hand in my hand. Ter was in. The decision seemed nose holes. Was also intizamsız breath. I asked the maid to women. Night was very delirious, "This is not a hospital, mental hospital I'll go to Canipe!" Said. Was pensive, "Omar! Omar! "I called to him. Very dull eyes looked at me and said: "Recognition that?" I said. Words peculiar to itself quickly shook his head as "Canipe!" He said, again dived. The paper looked at: heat "39.2" sugar in 28 liters I waited for a while. I called again: "Omer, consultation day was tomorrow, I'll come early. Let me go now? "Shook his head" Go, go! "He said. In Yeis left. But I was still filled with hope. Two things together and death Omer Çünkü was completely foreign. Home by the sea, while my maid rasgeldim. Was running towards me. "What?" I said. "We were going to from Tıbbiye. In Rıdvan Bey expect "replied. I went to our neighbors out of breath. There was a middle fevkalâdelik. Was finally understood: Omer died!

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