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    Karatepe aslantaş resimleri ingilizce yazılı

    Karatepe aslantaş ingilizce tanıtımı gerekiyor. Yardımcı olabilecek kimse yok mudur acaba? Karatepe aslantaş hakkında İngilizce olarak bilgi istiyorum

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    karatepe aslantaş resimleri ingilizce yazılı

    The Cilicia/Çukurova plain is rich farmland and is also a place of strategic importance on an important trade route between the Middle East and Anatolia. It has therefore been settled since the time of the Hittites and many civilisations have owned the land since: Assyrians, Romans (he Roman city of Flavius may have been located here), Byzantines, Armenians and finally Turks. The most prominent group of Turks to settle here were the Dulkadir lords, semi-autonomous barons during the Ottoman era, who ruled Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş and Hatay for two centuries. They were routed when the land was brought under Ottoman control by Yavuz Sultan Selim I in 1517.

    Kadirli was occupied by French forces at the end of the First World War under the terms of the armistice signed by the Ottoman Empire. The French forces were resisted by local elements and eventually withdrew from the town in March 1920. Kadirli was a district (ilçe) in Kozan province between 1923-1926 and in Adana Province between 1926-1995

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