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    Karamankalesinin ingilizce tanıtımı

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    Karaman city center, Hisar fortress located in the neighborhood XII.yüzyılda Karaman supposed to be built during the Seljuk period. The castle of XIV in the mid Karamanoğulları, XIII.yüzyılda Ilkhanate, XV.yüzyılın repaired by the Ottomans at the end.

    Karaman Castle, the external, middle and inner castle was built as large and small, as different from each other is reinforced by nine towers. XIII sub-structures of the towers. - XIV.yüzyıllarda done, the upper parts of XV.yüzyılda thought to have been completed. The reason for this is the color of the stones are different.

    Pirizmatik corners of the inner castle-shaped cylindrical or large towers, each of which has a rectangular plan is not uniform. Tower in the northeast corner of a large bush and here again it is a small rectangular towers are. Connected to the base of the eastern façade of the castle pahlarla triangle over a rectangle, half a small octagonal tower, the west is a small rectangular sign also complements them. Interior of the castle in the south entrance of the castle towers make up a large rectangular. In flat-arched pediment above the entrance of a rectangular shape with pointed arches, there are no captions, a kitabelik. This is a profile of the door were framed around the chamfered. Bosses on the frame where this one, a pediment decorated with eaves are placed inside. The pediment of stone walls surrounding the use of materials belonging örgüsünde also be seen in ancient and Byzantine era. Understood from the remains of two-story walls that tower of Introduction to accomplish the province. Karamanoğulları the left of the entrance period, a second entrance door is also noteworthy that made XIV.yüzyılda. Opened to the south and east of this tower is illuminated porthole windows. Here is full time, rubble and soil, and consequently the inner courtyard is a raised floor is introduced. In this courtyard, the lower floors of the towers crumbled to the ground with doors providing access to, and today there are stairs that out bushings. Separated from wooden floors and wall tiles placed in the towers of the castle stairs has been ups and downs. This is no trace of wood has not been at the booths today. Also at the top of the castle seyirdim roads and dug trenches in the partially collapsed loophole.

    Evliya Çelebi, who visited Karaman Castle travels XVII.yüzyılda gives some information:

    " And the transfer of three times in the middle of Kal'a hamunun Karaman, şaddadi building a floor, steep, and text and Kal'a cavity. Internal Kal'ası singing Over the hill mürtefi grounded, shape-i squared, şeddadi Kal'a big round stones. And this is step six hundred internal Kal'a competent authorities. Determination, and eight-tower-i. And cevani ditch that You dug a erbaası Amik and incidental. And Garba overlooked, but there is a gate, the tree is through cisir. The three-fold iron doors. And on either side of this gate in each of the Divar stones stone hermaphrodite Esma-ul been carried out with steel line. And will you relax in this dizdar. Hurd Sentence soil covered with forty-six houses. And there is nothing in a mosque, informally. And even if this kal'adan Kal'a a floor surrounded by countryside. They say the Middle Hisar. Type a text with the-i Kal'a müdevver. And there is another moat. Dairenmadar competent authorities step in, and seven hundred thousand. And the sentence of forty tower. And the two doors. Led by the Western gate, south gate of the Sunday. Embracing this town-i will Azimi, the third times the provincial kal'ası Baru. Çepçevirme seven thousand steps, Kal'a Kebir. And the sentence yüzkırk tower. And the sentence of nine doors. Once upon direction of the Holy Mosque of Pasha and the east gate of emildenli overlook overlook overlook the Damascus Gate, and Garba and Garba sekiçeşmesi overlooking Damascus Gate overlooking the east gate, and again and again sekiçeşmesi door overlooking the Damascus Gate, and Garba Garba blind overlooking a cold at the bottom of the door and the tomb of the mother of Hazrat-i Rumi and Parmakkapı collects cenuba gate. Soup kitchen door and the southern gate of the Holy Kaaba and Qibla Emir Ahmet gate lodge and decay of the sentence in which thirty-two parishes and elliüç Ribat-i mihraptır perseverance. "

    As Evliya Çelebi mentions that with the gate surrounding the bushings inside the city walls and the south-facing walls are still standing Sunday. Gate arch and the upper part of Sunday destroyed. Opened in the middle of the castle wall, a large porthole windows on the left side at the entrance suruna one survives. Some walls and bushes between the houses over there was the Middle.

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